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Are you using expensive Xenon bulbs and blowing your budget?    It is time to re-evaluate your lighting choices.
"The BFW™ Intelligent Approach" marks a new direction for medical lighting as a whole. Our LED and Solid State Plasma technologies set the pace for superior clinical performance by using less energy to retain safe, long lasting intensity and color temperature. These features produce the world's most technologically advanced, precision built, quality medical illumination systems today.

BFW™ leads the lighting solution industry, and continues to surface as the clear, intelligent choice when it comes to your lighting needs.

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♦ "Solid State Plasma Headlights
♦ "Fiberoptic"
♦ "Portable Headlights"
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Solid State Plasma and LED Headlight Solutions
And The Foremost Headlight Imaging System.
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