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Solutions for Dental ProfessionalsLexi-Comp supports dental professionals with drug, disease, and related clinical information. Our resources are available electronically and in print, and applicable in both the dental practice and academic setting.Dental-Specific Pharmacology InformationLexi-Comps references are written by dentists for dental professionals. We set the industry standard for point-of-care content and innovative technology. Elevate the standard of patient care in your practice with our comprehensive, dental-specific information! * Benefit from DENTAL ALERTS, including: o Vasoconstrictor/Local Anesthetic Precautions o Effects on Dental Treatment o Effects on Bleeding o Dental Comment * Improve medication safety with fast, reliable drug interaction analysis * Access information on Dental Usual Dosing, Use, and Dosage Forms * Support positive treatment outcomes with patient education leaflets, available electronically in up to 18 languagesIn addition to dental drug information, we offer resources that address the following areas and more: * Oral Pathology * Periodontics * Endodontics * Clinical Dentistry * Emergency ProtocolsLexi-Comps resources are available in the following formats: * Electronically: o Internet-based Platform Lexi-Comp ONLINE o PDA Software Lexi-Comp ON-HAND o Local PC/ Internet Solution Lexi-Comp ON-DESKTOP * Printed reference handbooks, including the Drug Information Handbook for Dentistry, the premier dental reference with over 400,000 copies sold